Project Ikaria Pathways

Project Pathways is a community initiative on the island of Ikaria based out of the Ikarian Centre. Paths are scattered across the length of Ikaria and connect taverns, churches, historical sites, beaches and villages. In the past, these paths were used for communication, travel and the grazing of animals. Although these reasons still exist today, Project Pathways aims to promote another option to the world: ecotourism.

Each pathway offers a different view of an impressive landscape. From sheer ocean cliff-faces to grassy hills and lush forest, Ikaria’s paths offer a special opportunity to explore in a socially conscious and environmentally friendly way. Many of the routes pass through social and economic hubs, allowing visitors to experience a slice of Ikarian life that might have otherwise remained hidden.

The project is dependent on volunteer work from both local and international participants.

See information about the different pathways here.